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Issue 7  //  Spring 2018  //  McKinley High School Honors the Legacy

The tax-renewal passed on April 29 was met with fierce opposition by members of the Panther Nation who were concerned that the proposed renovations for McKinley, five-years from now, would not meet the de­mands of a school that is “bursting at the seams” today. And what would the $35,000,000 be worth in 2023? During more than 10 meetings with the school superintendent Warren Drake, McKinley students past and present made their feelings known. Although the proposal included new classrooms and admin­istration offices, it did not include the gym or the auditorium, which Drake stated, were renovated on the last renewal. Those speaking expressed a desire for a 21st century construction on par with two high schools recently renovated and rebuilt, one that can provide the tools to equip students for a rapidly changing world. Despite the loss, McKinleyites will continue to speak up clearly and loudly for equity in the distribution of funds for the oldest African-American high school in Louisiana.

Rev. Dale Flowers, McKinley Alumni Association President

Rev. Dale W. Flowers


McKinley Alumni must always fight for our alma mater, and that is just what we did during this last school tax election. Our fight is not with other schools, our fight is for McKinley to see that our students receive a first-class education in a first-class construction. We were not successful, but there is value in losing for a just cause. We will continue to raise our voices when necessary; and as we usher graduates into adulthood, let us guide them in the way we were nurtured at McKinley … to stand up for what is right and to never “grow weary in well -doing.” 


Hail, Hail McKinley High!

How many of you have ever stopped to reflect on the importance of an alumni association? We, the grad­uates of McKinley, are the ones who create the reputation of our school through our accomplishments in the world. We help to sustain the reputation through our donations and our volunteerism … and a key part of our success means keeping in touch with you. We want you to hold McKinley and its memories close to you for all of your lives, reflecting on what a tremendous gift we all were given as graduates of this great school.

McKinley Memories: The D**N “Five”

In the middle of the last centu­ry, five teenage girls stood outside McKinley during lunchtime, when a male, star athlete pulled one of the girls aside and said,” I want to talk to you, but you are always around those DAMN FIVE girls.” His approach was so unex­pected and so exciting that she hur­ried to tell her friends. He didn’t seem to understand that she was also one of the “FIVE.” All of the girls loved the name and it stuck.

After that, whenever they greeted each other, they secretly referred to themselves as the “damn five.” Since they were all from Christian homes, this name was only mentioned softly and in secret. The group eventually expanded to seven, the star athlete and the girl never got together, but the name and the friendship endured through­out high school, marriage, and col­lege. 

Although two have passed away, and now they are really five, these girls will be forever grateful to McKin­ley for bringing them together those many years ago and for the educa­tional values instilled in them that helped them to raise fine families and be productive members of soci­ety. Who are these “girls”? Visit the Alumni Museum and find a picture of them.

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