What Is The Mckinley Athletic Alumni Association?

Present and past athletes coming together to fellowship and bring about awareness of conditions and events involving the McKinley Alumni. This group represents McKinley Athletic Alumni of all ethnic orgins, ages, sports activities, and events. Members may also include family members of deceased and disabled athletes. The members of the association attend regular meetings for fellowship and inspiration. At times of distress, we also perform voluntary services throughout the community. Specifically, the McKinley Athletic Alumni Association is a service and fellowship organization. It does not dictate a way of life for others, however it will offer positive directions where applicable and accepted.

What Does The McKinley Athletic Alumni Association Do?

It performs community wide services that are beyond the capability of individuals and other organizations that are in distress. Giving assistance to young children, the aging, the needy and those who have identity crisis; assist in non-political community development and encouragement of international growth and understandings.

Our Motto

To bridge the gap.

Our Purpose

To reclaim our youth: hold on to dignity; honour elderly; add to our community, our nation and the world by example and not by words.

Our Objectives

Our Membership

Dues are $60 per year and are due in January of each year. Acceptable payment includes: check or money order payable to McKinley Athletic Alumni Association.

Meet our coaches

Clarissa Johnson

Athletic Director

Richard Oliver

Head Football

Devin Clark

Head Boys Basketball

Krystal Flowers

Head Girls Basketball

Jared Shaw

Head Soccer

Jene Jones

Head Swimming

Laura Gillette-Jones

Head Volleyball

Marlon Williams

Head Wrestling

Kirk Robertson

Head Tennis

April Rollins

Head Bowling

McK High School Logo 2

Danielle Stamper 

Head Cheerleading

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