Old Alumni Center

On July 31, 1982, a group of seven concerned graduates of McKinley High School met at the home of Lowell A. LaGarde to discuss the possibility of forming an alumni association. That group included Carolyn Godfrey James, 1956; Beverly B. Johnson, 1956; Lowell A. LaGarde, 1956; Elouise B. Paulfrey, 1956; Ronald M. Payne, 1951; Delores R. Spikes, 1953; and Fulton I. Toaston, 1962. The seed was planted and cultivated.

In September 1982, Dr. Delores Spikes met with her committee and engaged Judge Freddie Pitcher, Jr. to draw up a charter and constitution. The charter was filed with the La. Secretary of State, thus making McKinley High School Alumni Association, Inc. the first known official high school alumni association in the state.

The first elected officers (1983 – 1985) were:

Delores Spikes


McK High School Logo 2

Alumni Association

Judge John M. Guidry

Vice President

Elouise B. Paulfrey


Ronald M. Payne


Rev. William Morrison


John Vaughn


Rev. Albert J. Brown


Eva T. Legard


Beverly Johnson & Gloria E. Moore

Chair/Co-Chair of Membership

United as one body for all.

What We Do

The Association has made significant contributions to McKinley Sr. High School and its students, primarily in the form of scholarships. We have contributed to local initia-tives such as the Sickle Cell Foundation. We worship together at various churches in the community and sponsor local informational events, and Alumni events such as the Alumni Association Awards banquets and annual Alumni Membership Round-ups. In 2017, we launched the Dr. Harrison D. Lawless Academic Scholar-ship Award. Visit the McKinley High Museum on the first floor of the McKinley Alumni Center to see years of memorabilia on display.

We are proud to report our building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In keeping with our objectives, the association makes contributions to McKinley Sr. High School and its students in the form of scholarships and other gratuities.

We also contributed to the Sickle Cell Foundation and to various churches in the community. McKinley High School Alumni Association is the first known chartered high school alumni association in the state of Louisiana.

Our Mission

McKinley High School Alumni Association’s objectives are to:

This Association is a legally chartered non-profit organization.

Our Scholarship Program

Make the Most of Your McKinley Connection