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McKinley Salutes Its Veterans

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Issue 9  //  Fall 2018  //  McKinley High School Continues the Legacy

Couple donates $62,000 to McKinley

Kristina and John Miremont

Kristina and John Miremont donat­ed $62,000, to McKinley High School to pay off fines issued by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, as well as buy new equipment for the student athletes. The original fine of $40,000 was cut in half after the school ap­pealed the action, and the order to suspend players was also over­turned. The rest of the donation will be used to pay for new athletic equipment and meals for the athletes.

Mrs. Miremont is a graduate of McKinley, and her husband, a graduate of Catho­lic High School, noted that he wanted McKinley students to know someone cares about them. Their gift is a testa­ment to the fact that Baton Rouge is a generous commu­nity and McKinley graduates pull together in difficult times.

McKinley Salutes Its Veterans

When McKinley was estab­lished at the turn of the century, the purpose was to educate young men and women of color to take their place alongside any other citizen of this country, in any endeavor and on any field of action. We have seen how McKinleyites have stood tall in all professions … educa­tion, law, medicine, sports and entertainment, but our gradu­ates have also excelled in world affairs and in service to this country. It is fit­ting, then in this month that celebrates Veterans Day, that we salute MCK grads, those who have served their country with the belief that democracy and freedom are ideals that should be upheld around the world. “Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it…it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.”

Rev. Dale Flowers, McKinley Alumni Association President

Rev. Dale W. Flowers


Many have been inducted into America’s fighting forces, some voluntarily and others through the draft. McKinley High School has given life and limb to the cause of keeping the United States safe. Many of these soldiers returned home from war to an America that had not changed her attitude towards people of color, yet they continued to sac­rifice. If you need evidence of military leadership, and dedi­cation to excellence, go to the Alumni Center where our director and general manager are both military retirees. We salute, applaud and treasure their bravery. 

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