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Black History Month 2019

McKinley: Past, Present, & Future

Issue 10  //  Winter 2019  //  McKinley High School Continues the Legacy

Celebrating Black History

As we enter this period of celebrating the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the history of our people, we remember especially the contributions made to our city, state, nation and the world by McKinley Senior High School. In this issue marking two years of publication, we once again reflect on all that our school has given us individually and also on those graduates whose lives are evidence of the educational, civic and moral training imparted at our beloved alma mater. In this issue, we look at just a few of our McKinley giants. Let us not neglect our responsibility to ensure that McKinley remain a for­tress of educational excellence in this community. Hail, Hail, McKinley High!

Do You Remember?

Three years ago former President Barack Obama, first African-American President of the United States, made a historic visit to the first African-American public high school in Baton Rouge. Don’t you remember the lines over night in cold temper­atures for a ticket? It should never be lost on us that our history and our legacy dictated this visit, when other high schools in the city were newer and grander. What other school in this city has produced so many African-Americans whose achievements, which in the words of Dr. King, have been “written on the statute books” of our country?

Rev. Dale Flowers, McKinley Alumni Association President

Rev. Dale W. Flowers


As we begin to celebrate our history, we also begin the third year of the Alumni Association’s quarterly newsletter. While we feel this publication has brought new members to the association and helped to revive old ones, we need more of you to join us. There are thousands of McKinley gradu-ates and friends who love our alma mater and have the op­portunity to keep us viable in this community and all over the country. We welcome your input to this publication, but more than anything we want you to join us as members. May God continue to richly bless you all. 

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church: 100 Years Old

On Sunday, December 30, St Francis Xavier Catholic Church celebrated its 100th year of existence, calling it that “little city block” that became “this little light” spreading God’s word and love among the Baton Rouge community. Many in the St. Francis family became members of the McKinley family, showing the world the power of education that began in a small, poor community of Baton Rouge. 

To mark 100 years, the speaker for the religious ceremony was McKinley alum Fa­ther Roderick Coates, who has served as-a Josephite leader-and priest-for-more – than 25 years. Through the strength of religion and faith in God’s ability to “make His way plain”, McKinley and St. Francis stand as monuments to the ability of black people in Baton Rouge to change their lives for the better … sometimes under the most adverse circumstances. 

As we celebrate Black History, may we always keep the contri­butions of our city trailblazers before us. 

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