Our Story

The McKinley High School Alumni Association was incorporated on December 21, 1982.


The Association is a legally chartered non-profit organization with primary objectives to:

1) Unite former students and friends of McKinley

2) Foster a spirit of cooperation and fellowship between the school and its graduates

3) Promote the welfare of the school and its students

4) Encourage and stimulate high academic performance and wholesome school spirit

In its original Articles of Incorporation, there is also a 5th objective listed:

5) To work towards the preservation of the old McKinley High School building located on the corner of  Thomas A. Delpit Dr. and Louise Street as a Historic and Cultural Center.

We are proud to report our building is on the National  Register of Historic Places.

In keeping with our objectives, the association makes contributions to McKinley Sr. High School and its students in the form of scholarships and other gratuities.

We also contributed to the Sickle Cell Foundation and to various churches in the community. McKinley High School Alumni Association is the first known chartered high school alumni association in the state of Louisiana.

Since our incorporation, the membership has grown considerably and we have worked commendably towards the stated objectives.