I have been at McKinley Senior High School for five years, Mr. Armond Brown gave me the opportunity to have to privilege of working at such a prestigious institution. After such a learning experience working with Mr. Brown, I then had the opportunity to work for Mr.

Herman Brister, Jr. and although he had a different leadership style than Mr. Brown he was very efficient and effective in getting the job done.


While being an assistant principal at McKinley I was periodically given information from former graduates about the wonderful history of Ol’ McKinley High. I found that to be interesting because I am staunch reader on Black History and the contributions of the Black Struggle; I then knew I was where I belong.


I found myself taking the information that I had gathered and quizzing any student or staff member that I saw about the McKinley History. If there were no one around I would just recite what I knew out loud because I knew eventually someone would want to ask me about something that I had said about McKinley.


Mr. Brister resigned unexpectedly and it was a shock to the McKinley Family but we pushed on with business as usual, it was the McKinley Way. I found out from various people that they were pushing for me to take the number one spot at McKinley and I felt grateful and emotional. I didn’t think it was real until I got the crown placed on my head by Superintendent Drake and his senior staff.


I knew that the Principal position automatically made me a pseudo living legend based on all of the prestigious principals before me such as: Dr. James Frazier, Caesar Piper, A.H. Jackson, Julius Thomas, Robert West, William Breda, Charles Thomas, Clarence Jones, Almenia Warren, Armond Brown, Herman Brister, Jr., and now Dr. James Kador.


I am humbled and grateful to be the 12th Principal of McKinley Senior High School. I look forward to leading such a historical institution; and educating the current and future Panthers for them to take on the challenges in the global society. “So here’s a cheer for old McKinley, the

school to us most dear.” – A. E. Carter.



McKinley family, friends, and alumni for giving me the opportunity to be in the panther den.

August 3, 2017

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        I have been at McKinley Senior High School for five years, Mr. Armond Brown gave me the opportunity to have to privilege […]
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